Greetings From Newbornland

Hello! He’s here! And we are deep in Newbornland with everything that implies: sweet soft baby skin, tiny baby snuggles, adorable older siblings, crying crying crying, diapers, what is sleep?, achy postpartum body, interrupted routines, nursing, meals from saintly friends, s-l-o-w life. It’s been overwhelming. We have three kids. THREE KIDS! It feels like a … More Greetings From Newbornland

These Weeks: An Ode

Thoughts from the past few weeks.  To this bouquet, picked and arranged by a certain three-year-old. To this sunflower, carefully tended by that same little boy. To this fluorescent sunrise.To these twinners quietly and methodically flipping through chapter books. To paradigm shifts and refocusing. To paying more attention and not worrying quite so much. To more … More These Weeks: An Ode

We Wait.

Today is my due date. I am still pregnant. We are waiting. When I was pregnant with Arthur, I happily told everyone that I didn’t put much stock in due dates and preferred to think about having a due month (including the two weeks before and two weeks after). It was a good thought and … More We Wait.


I am a filled vessel, swelling and bulging at the seams. wading through deepening mud. Slowing down but working harder. July. Heavy with humidity and heat. Swimming through the air. a slug, slipping through my own skin. unfolding onto my bed. • • • I am a roller coaster, climbing to its apex. Unable to … More Expectant