Sourdough: The Basics

I’ve been baking with sourdough for almost two years! What started as an interesting science/baking experiment has become a staple for us. So, I thought I’d share the resources that have helped me and a little bit of what I’ve learned. What is sourdough?  Essentially, what I’ve been experimenting with is cultivating my own wild/natural … More Sourdough: The Basics


Last week, we found cicadas emerging from their exoskeletons. We’d seen the empty shells before, brittle and brown, still clinging to the tree bark. Each one split down the back and empty. But this time, we found them as they were bursting bright green through their shells. We watched as their wet wings unfurled. It … More Metamorphosis


Today, I’m grateful for repentance. Never in my life have I felt like I need it more. Adjusting to mothering three small people has been difficult. Honestly, there are some days that things go smoothly and I feel happy and confident in this role and I am able to role with the punches (sometimes literal … More Mother-of-Three

Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty feels like a prickly thing–a spiny cactus. It feels threatening. Anticipation throws me into a spiral of what-ifs. In an attempt at control, I try to map each possible outcome, placing extra emphasis on the worst ones. It feels like grasping at the edge of a cliff, while rocks crumble between my fingertips. I have … More Embracing Uncertainty

Greetings From Newbornland

Hello! He’s here! And we are deep in Newbornland with everything that implies: sweet soft baby skin, tiny baby snuggles, adorable older siblings, crying crying crying, diapers, what is sleep?, achy postpartum body, interrupted routines, nursing, meals from saintly friends, s-l-o-w life. It’s been overwhelming. We have three kids. THREE KIDS! It feels like a … More Greetings From Newbornland