This Week: An Ode

To finally being vertical and his joy despite all of the bumps and bruises that have come along with it.  To simple and powerful Easter decorations and the lunchtime discussions they inspire.  To this third child. It's hard to be the baby.  To more days like these.


This Week: An Ode

To blanket forts, on repeat.    To boys wrestling with babies.    And the taste of wood.  To more days like these.  

Joy and Finding It

"Don't you just love it?!" A dear friend asked over the holidays. She was referring to being the mother of three little people. Her question made me pause a little. I couldn't answer "yes" confidently. Our conversation continued. This friend is the mother of one of my high school friends and she just oozes joy. …

This Week: An Ode

To this little munchkin, his accelerating mobility. . . and his propensity for getting stuck in interesting places.    To Romesco sauce.    To a rearranged living room with more space for train-track-building and crazy dance parties.    To homemade crackers, cheese, salami, and fresh veggies. It doesn't get much better than that. To more …


Last week, we found cicadas emerging from their exoskeletons. We'd seen the empty shells before, brittle and brown, still clinging to the tree bark. Each one split down the back and empty. But this time, we found them as they were bursting bright green through their shells. We watched as their wet wings unfurled. It …