In Snapshots

And so he asked me on a date.

Here’s a look inside my mind at the time.

[Sidenote:  I’m really glad that India Johnson, my roommate convinced me to buy archival quality pens for my journal, it really motivated me to write.]

These are excerpts from my journal,

“A DATE!”      12/11/11

“Today I got asked on a date and it made my day.  I got asked on a date by Devon Cook.  He is very good looking, 6’5″ and an english major!  I’ve thought he was attractive all semester.  The past few weeks he’s sat by me at church but I thought he was dating [XXXXX] so I was really confused but he must not be because he asked me on a date!  Wahoo!  For this week.  Yes!  He’s such a great guy.  I’m really excited to get to know him better.  Yes! Wahoo!  Also it’s 11:00 so I need to sleep.  6:00 am will come fast.  love, Phoebe”

So, I think I was excited about it, don’t you?

And then here’s the actual date,

“Dates Compared”     12/17/12

“I went on a date with Devon Cook in my ward.  We went to an Indian Restaurant.  He was a fantastic conversationalist and treated me well.  I loved talking to him, he made me think.  He appreciates good food, he’s very smart and ambitious.  He’s a lot like me personality wise.  I came home from the date on cloud nine.  I was so happy.”

I really was on cloud nine.  So much so that I forgot to bring my wallet to work so that I could run errands later.  I was so lost already. . . and it was our first date!  Obviously we were destined for greatness. ;)


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