Lovely and Amazing

On Wednesday, I had a rough day.  Things piled up and I was frustrated.  I sat on the couch, wishing I could just talk to Devon, but knowing he was busy and working and doing homework, particularly an insanely intensive end-of-term project for his Victorian Literature class.  He texted me at 10:21:

“Mahal, I did so good today :)

I don’t think I wasted a second.  

I hardly got to see you, though.  

I hope I can see you tomorrow. . .

Sleep well love.  I love you!” 

What I wanted to write was:

“I missed you today.  

And I had a crummy day.

And I would really appreciate

if you would come over and 

make it all better.”

but, i did not say that, instead, I bit my tongue and wrote back:

“I’m glad :) sleep well”

The next day, Thursday, I went in to work at 9:00am and prepared myself for a long workday.  I was feeling a little bit better, but also a little lonely.  After a few hours of work, I looked up, and standing in the doorway was a tall and handsome man!  Devon came to my work, bearing a white paper bag with a brownie inside.  I think, at the time, my jaw dropped through the floor.  I blinked.  He beamed.  I blinked again and leapt out of my chair to give him a big hug.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed. “It’s so good to see you.  I love you!” (or something like that)

“Well, I saw your text last night, and knew that you wanted me to come over, but I really needed to sleep.  I’m sorry”

“How did you know I wanted you to come over?  All I wrote was ‘goodnight’?”

“Oh I know you Phoebe. . . ”

I am so in love with that man, over and over again.  He makes me weak in the knees and drippy, like the little sloshy puddle of love that I am.

And we’re getting married. August twenty-second two thousand twelve.

thank you very much.




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