California, Reunions, and Camping

This last weekend, Devon and I hopped a plane, caught a wave, sang some songs, watched a sunset, rode in a car. . . rode in a car. . .talked to some Stirling relatives, ate some pizza, ate some chocolate cake, and rode in the car some more.  It was a splendid!

We had an incredible weekend.  It was amazing for so many reasons.  Here are a few:

We got to be together for more than a day.  With Devon working and living in Provo, and myself in Salt Lake, we don’t get to see each other as often as we like.  About a year ago, my mom, while sitting next to my dad, tried to express to us kids how great it was to “sit next to your sweetie.”  I didn’t fully understand that until just now.  Even while just sitting in the car, it was a pleasure to be in Devon’s vicinity.

We got to spend time with the wonderful Cook family.  Devon’s family is awesome.  period.  I loved getting to know them better and laughing with them.  They sure are some happy folks.  It was great to play frisbee with Josh, Brian, Adam, and Christopher; giggle with Lauresa, and Emmie; and chat with Alison among other things with other people.

We got to spend a whole day on the beach.  Devon and I got to the reunion in San Clemente late, so we only got one day on the beach, but we spent that entire day on the beach.  We body surfed (Devon owned) and boogie boarded and played frisbee and took beach naps.  [Unfortunately, we learned that spending a whole day on the beach without paying special attention to the re-application of sunscreen results in serious crispyness a.k.a. sunburns. . . go figure]

We got to watch a beautiful sunset on the ocean.  On Thursday night, we walked out to an overlook over the ocean and watched the sun sink below the misty clouds and melt into the green sea.  It was red-orange and nearly fluorescent as it crossed from behind the clouds to beneath the sea.

We got to CAMP!  I haven’t camped in probably over a year and it was amazing.  As much as camping also means lack of sleep, I realized just how much I absolutely love it.  I love living by the sunlight and throwing almost all thoughts of hygiene out the window.  (I did brush my teeth though, I promise).  It was exhilarating to be so close to nature, even if that means being close to the occasional bug or skunk. (We saw a skunk after we watched the sunset and I saw another one up close that night just before I went to bed.  Scary! or rather. . . (potentially) stinky!).

Ah. . . All in all, the trip was spectacular.  It made me so happy to just be away from responsibilities, work, wedding and life plans.  And most of all, I was so happy to sit next to my sweetie.



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