the Apartment Saga comes to a close.


and my wonderful almost-husband won it by a coin toss.  Here’s how it all went down:

Preface: the night before this all went down, Devon and I had a very serious talk about our budget for the fall.  We came to the conclusion that what we planned that we’d be able to spend on rent was actually a little high, and we’d have to be really careful about finding an apartment with affordable rent.

Devon, the amazing guy that he is, brought his laptop to work so that he could check craigslist and ksl during his break from working at the MTC.  As he was checking, he saw this listing:

Then, speedily, he called the lady.  He couldn’t reach her but he hopped into his car anyway and drove straight to the apartment.  He looked around a little bit, stalked the complex and finally a few minutes later, he received a call back from the lady.  She let him know she couldn’t show the apartment until 6:30om, but he could stop by the offices, which he did in a heartbeat.  He asked for an application and began filling it out right away.  She looked at him with a confused and almost disturbed expression that said something like, “What are you doing?  You haven’t even seen this apartment yet!”  Devon breifly glanced at her and continued to write furiously, filling in all the blank spaces.  Then she pulled out this bit of information, “umm. . It doesn’t have a living room.”  That made Devon pause, but slowly he put pen back to paper.

Flash forward.  It is now six thirty.  Devon shows up at the complex, application and deposit in hand.  Already, there’s another couple there with application and fee, then two other couples show up.  AH!  the lady takes them through the apartment and Devon decides he likes it right off.  At this point he’s like a runner on the blocks waiting for the gun.

Finally, the lady manager says, “So is anyone interested?”

“YES!” everyone bursts out in unison, almost before she even finishes her sentence.

“Well. . . ” This gives her pause because she wasn’t expecting there to be this much demand for an apartment.  She hums and haws and ends up sending away two of the couples because they do not have application in hand.  Then she turns to Devon and the other couple,

“Well, I have no way of differentiating between the two of you, so you’ll just have to decide amongst yourselves.”

Devon looks over at the other guy and he is also in a shirt and tie and obviously has just come from the MTC.  He empathizes.

The other guy turns to Devon and shrugs, saying, “Rock, paper scissors?”

Devon, internally panics, “I’m no good at this game!”

Externally he says, “How about a coin toss??

Devon tosses, the other guy calls.  He calls heads.

It was tails.

We have an apartment.



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