Two Cooks in a Kitchen

One of my favorite things ever is cooking.  Instead of being a burden to cook dinner after a long day of school, work, etc, it’s a relief.  I look forward coming home and putting down the books and picking up a wooden spoon.  Tonight, I made a recipe given to me by my Nana for Stuffed Tomatoes.  Here’s what we came up with:

And a little shout-out to Sarah Jane Miller, my lovely cousin who gave us this beautiful ceramic pan that we love so much.

To go along with this lovely entree, I made some biscuits from a recipe out of book given to us by my awesome aunt and uncle, Charlotte and Doug.

delicious!  They’re made with yogurt.  And I love yogurt.

All in all, the meal looked like this:
p.s. Devon loved it. :) Score 1 for Phoebe.

So that was dinner, then Devon asked to help with dessert, so we made peach/plum/grape crisp.  Devon is very good in the kitchen. I’m fully confident that he could cook all the meals, he just indulges me and lets me do them. :)

Here’s his handsome face studying the crumble recipe:

Devon loves to cook.

(code: Devon loves to eat. . .  :) )

Anyways. . .

The crisp is now ready to eat.

What a perfect snack to munch during the Rivalry Game.




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