To the Opera

Friday October 26 was the day that Devon went to his first opera.  We went with Anna to Cosi Fan Tutte, a Mozart Opera that BYU put on.  I was hoping that Devon would like it, because opera can be hard for some to understand or enjoy.  My IHUM 202 (Western Humanities 2) professor, Sister Deborah Fisher said, “I think opera is something that is determined since birth.  Either you are born loving it, or not.”  Anna and I were both born loving it, so i was hoping Devon would enjoy himself.  Lucky for us, he did.  It was a spectacular performance, and a comedy, so hilarious too.  Anna said that the cast had won some sort of opera competition back east somewhere with their performance.

Opera, to me is the epitome of theatrical performance.  Plays are great, musical theatre also great, but opera is something else entirely.  Each aspect is the highest in it’s genre.  Operatic singing is the best form; the instrumental music is superb and the acting divine.  I really don’t think there is any better form of artistic expression.

But why do so many hate it?  Why, growing up did virtually all children etc. make fun of opera.  Why did my professor say the taste was an acquired one?  Can one learn to love opera?  Would anyone have the drive to do so?

Anyways, the good news for me is that my already-incredible husband shares my joy in watching opera.  Bravissimo!


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