Devon has a degree!

After three and a half years of writing long papers and staying up late at the library, he’s graduated!!


And he didn’t just graduate, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Way to go babe!


Another special part of his graduation was that he got to graduate with his sister Lauresa. She graduated in dietetics.


My mom and sister came down for the convocation ceremonies on Friday. We really enjoyed listening to the speakers elaborate on the benefits of a humanities education because we love the arts!

Devon’s parents and Grandpa Stirling came too. After convocation, we went to IHOP and had a lovely brunch with Mom, Dad and Lauresa and Aaron.


The best part is this . . . (you just need to look at the pictures to understand)


For a graduation present, I got Devon a beautiful leather messenger bag. He’d mentioned to me earlier that he might like one for the Master’s program and for teaching. So, sneakily, I browsed the internet, then with some help from my mom, we picked out a gorgeous Fossil leather bag. He was thrilled.



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