Excursion to the South

(This happened a little while ago, but is important to document. Indulge my lateness)

A couple weeks before Devon graduated college, I was talking to my mom on the phone and our conversation went something like this:

(note: I don’t remember exactly how it went, but this is definitely the gist of it)

Mom: So, Dad and I have been talking and we’d like to give Devon a graduation present.

Me: Okay :)

Mom: We want to send you too on a little trip to southern utah.

Me: That would be AWESOME! I think Devon would really like that.

Interestingly, although Devon and I are avid hikers and adventurers of Southern Utah, we haven’t done much of it since marrying each other. This is what happens when you get married right before school in the fall and quickly become overwhelmed with school and work and oh, also are pregnant. :)

Anyways, fast forward a couple weeks and here’s where our story really begins. Devon and I drove down to Moab on Thursday May 2nd, after moving into our new apartment two days earlier (yes, I will post photos of that soon :) ).

Long story short, we got safely to our hotel and proceeded to have a relaxing and glorious weekend in the beautiful southern Utah sun. Think: Mexican food, way-too-expensive ice cream cones (darn tourist town), a pool! (and one happy pregnant lady), and best of all hiking. See below:


“We are Happy Hikers!”

This pregnant lady can hike.

This man is happy.


Ta-Da! It exists and isn’t just a figment of the imagination of license plate designers.


Look at that handsome, happy boy!


Devon has long arms. Get this, this picture was taken with a Canon Rebel at arm’s length.


“Will you take our picture?”

IMG_0256 IMG_0267 IMG_0268

Epic. That’s the word you’re looking for.

(Meanwhile, the pregnant wife is saying things like, “That’s kind of a steep dropoff,” “Be careful!,” “REMEMBER YOU ARE THE FATHER OF MY UNBORN CHILD!” and other such things.)

This picture was taken in honor of Kent Christian Romney at the suggestion of Devon Stirling Cook. (I told you they were alike :) )

Another arch!IMG_0280 IMG_0282
Pregnant lady is not amused.



Once upon a time, Devon almost got smashed by a boulder. . .


“Take a picture of me so it looks like I’m being squished by the rock!”IMG_0287 IMG_0292And why isn’t this one called “Delicate Arch?”


Pregnant lady, queen of the universe.


Epic. (photo credit goes to Devon).

IMG_0303Yep. He climbed up there. It was intense.


Thank you to Mom and Dad Romney for sponsoring this adventure. Nothing like hiking in the sandy, sandstone-y, warm, sunny southern Utah to celebrate. We love you guys! like, a lot ::)




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