Arthur at 4 Months


Happy Four-Months-Old, my little boy!

Arthur is four months old and a smiley ball of drool. Pretty cute drool if I do say so myself.

He’s starting to be more interested in his surroundings. He likes being home better than being on campus that’s for sure! He wants to move and can almost almost roll from his back to his tummy.  Yesterday he had his hips all the way twisted over but he couldn’t figure out how to swivel his shoulders, so we didn’t count it. He smiles now at almost everyone, our happy little extrovert. I’ve definitely been learning a lesson from him, because I on the other hand am very much introverted.

Given the choice I’d much rather not speak to anyone in passing. If I have the chance, I’ll more likely awkwardly stare at the ground instead of make small talk, but lately I’m realizing that every person I interact with is a person I can help. My church congregation has a goal to be more involved in missionary work and initially, I thought that could be narrowly defined as handing out Books of Mormon, or baptizing a nonmember, but that’s not the case! Missionary work is also synonymous for love, service, community. I’ve learned that because I am so blessed, I have the opportunity and privilege to share my joy with other people. Just like Arthur, I can smile at strangers instead of avoiding eye contact.

Anyways, here are some Four-Month-Old Arthur shots (speaking of shots, he got his boosters on Monday. No fun!):





P.S. You may have noticed that what he’s wearing doesn’t look like a normal diaper. That’s because it’s not! We started cloth diapering him on his 4 month birthday. We are loving it! Yay for reusable things.



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