Squaw Peak Adventure or On hiking with a baby


Friday was a big day. I finally turned in my Honors Thesis. I had to go to school early to work on an assignment. I had an important interview (perhaps more on that later…). When I got home from all of this, Devon surprised me by suggesting a spontaneous hike to Squaw Peak! I love hiking and we don’t often do spontaneous things. We packed up our hiking gear and hopped in the car.

The hike was hot (we left at 1:30pm), but it was a gorgeous trail. Hiking with a baby is always unpredictable and semi-stressful and we had our share of trail-screaming and baby meltdowns. Somehow though, as we summited and looked down on Provo, it all seemed worth it. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. God’s great Earth is one of the best blessings, surely.

Trail marker
Diaper Changing on the trail. (What you can’t see is that he is laying on a rock that was tall and flat on top, about the size of a changing table. Score!)
We brought the Ergo, but unfortunately a good portion of the hike looked like this. (cranky baby!)
And baby boy conked out just ten minutes from the top. Sweet relief (for him and me :) )
Cooks on top of the world!
Channeling some Casper David Friedrich



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