A little more face, a little less Facebook.

Confession: I struggle with Facebook addiction.

I think that sometimes it is my coping mechanism for school stress, mommy stress, and exhaustion. But that does not make it okay. Anyway. I had an epiphany the other day about faces and books. Let me tell you about it.

This particular day, my wonderful mother had come down to Provo to watch my son during my class. After my class got out, she met me on campus and we walked to a burrito place and chatted. We spent a lovely hour talking, munching burrito, and walking in the beautiful Provo summer while Arthur snoozed sweetly in his stroller. When my mom left, Arthur and I visited with a sweet friend in our apartment complex. We talked about babies and pregnancy and motherhood. After all of this, I went back to my apartment and for the rest of the afternoon, I had no desire to check Facebook.

At first, I was puzzled. But then, I had a little epiphany. First, I may be more extroverted than I originally thought. Second, the reason I sometimes check Facebook so much is that I crave connection. When I can connect with real people in real life, there is no need for artificial connection on Facebook. And talking with real people is so much more fun! It makes me so much happier and  it helps me to be a better mommy and wife.

So, dear readers, give this some thought. If you are like me and have a weakness for social media, try to replace some with real faces, real people, real experience. If that is not your weakness, think about this: What are your weaknesses? Why are they weaknesses? Instead of merely trying to stop giving in, try to replace time spent on those things with time spent doing something productive, fun, or helpful. You can do it!


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