Thrifty Thursday: Babywearing on a Budget

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that we love our Ergo baby carrier. We’ve hiked in it, walked around the block in it. At this point, I reach for the carrier far more often than I reach for the stroller.

However, it is rather expensive. We’re talking over $100. That can be a little overwhelming for new parents, young parents, poor student parents. . . (the only reason we have ours is because we had leftover wedding gift cards for Target ;) Perks from having a baby so quick!)

So, this morning I was looking for other options and I had a brilliant idea. I have two pashmina-type scarves that just sit in my closet. I pulled one out, did a little research and wala! There’s a knot called the rebozo knot that you can tie in your scarf, which will make it work a lot like a baby sling.

We followed this tutorial:

photo (4)
Pardon the messy room and messy hair ;)

This is a great baby carrier alternative for any age of baby really. In the video, she talks about how you position the baby depending on their age. I was surprised at how comfortable it was when positioned correctly. I’m sure that a designated baby wrap would be a little more comfortable/supportive, but this worked great. We walked around the block to test it out. Arthur seemed to like it and it was plenty comfortable for me too. I think I’m going to keep one of these in the diaper bag just in case. Ultimately, the Ergo is still better for longer outings, hikes, etc. especially with a bigger baby. But I would imagine that the scarf would be great for a newborn. It’s adjustable and inexpensive.

As far as cost goes, if you have a pashmina scarf in your closet, it’s FREE! But you can also buy a scarf like this online (Amazon) for around $10 or less. Or I’m sure you could find something to use at TJMaxx, Ross, or any thrift store.

Do you have any thrifty babywearing tips?


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