Picking Strawberries


First, gardens grow food! Every time I see a healthy plant laden with real edible food. I. am. shocked. still. It is so incredible that the earth can produce so many glorious things.

Anyway, this week we were super lucky and got to pick some strawberries from Aunt Hilary’s garden. It was a riot! I loved squatting in her patch and hunting for the perfect strawberry. (It reminded me of this book!) As we started to pick, we set Arthur in the grass next to the patch. At first he contented himself with playing with sticks and grass, but soon he figured out what all the excitement was about. He crawled right over to the patch and found himself some strawberries. He picked them and put them right into his mouth. No hesitation. I was so proud of my little boy!

Then of course, he got frustrated every time Devon or I ate a strawberry in front of him. He seemed to be saying, “Hey! I know that’s yummy and you are supposed to put it in MY mouth!”

My boys picking berries.
yum! juicy!
perfectly perfect. My mouth is watering.
Me and my harvest.



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