Upcycle: From Socks into Mittens

DIY Toddler Mittens from Old Socks

In the past week or so, the temperature has dropped pretty dramatically over here. (Or at least it feels like it to me!) And as much as I try to bundle Arthur up, I keep noticing how quickly his hands get cold. And cold metal and plastic playgrounds don’t make for very warm hands either!

I’ve had this idea of making an pair of hole-y socks into mittens for Arthur and today the plan was realized. No more frozen fingers!


The socks I used were a pair that my sister brought back from her study abroad trip to London. I loved wearing them. They are a thick and soft bamboo fabric. Unfortunately, I loved them a little too much.

For the first step, I made a little pattern. The easiest way to do that would have been to trace Arthur’s hand on a piece of paper–BUT he does not hold still for that kind of nonsense. So instead, I measured around his wrist, from his wrist to fingertips, and from his wrist to thumb. Then, I drew a mitten shape on paper with those dimensions.


Next, I pinned my pattern to my sock. Instead of cutting out the pattern, I sewed around it. The sock was very stretchy and leaving it intact made it easier to sew around the pattern accurately.


I trimmed the extras off. Looking back, I should have zigzagged around the edge before trimming to fortify the stitch, but once I trimmed, it was too difficult to sew the edge. (If you have a serger, use it!)


And here is the finished product! Not perfect by any means, by good enough to keep my baby’s hands nice and toasty.

I tried for some action shots…

But there was a lot of action, so the photos are a little blurry. ;)

IMG_1399 IMG_1397_2


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