Family Goals and Getting Our Act Together

As our family keeps growing with Arthur reaching toddlerhood and about to add a sister to the mix, I’m always looking for ways we can develop our family culture and traditions. Some of my favorite memories growing up were of special traditions or habits that my family kept year to year or day to day. I think a strong family culture also helps kids feel safe and important.

This year, we decided to set a goal as a family and then work towards accomplishing it each month with smaller goals. (I was partly inspired by this.) This year, our theme comes from a talk given by one of our church leaders, Elder David A. Bednar. The talk is entitled “More Diligent and Concerned at Home.

We chose this theme because when life is busy and stressed and children are screaming, it’s easy to coast by in survival mode, always looking towards the next time you can “rest.” We found ourselves saying often, “I just need a rest.” But in reality, we were spending all of our spare time watching shows on Netflix or surfing the internet. We realized that we can’t wait for life to get easier or less busy to live our lives the way we want to. We can’t waste the precious time we have right now to be together as a family.

This year, we are making an effort to reassess our habits and behaviors at home and to try to make our home a true haven and somewhere that the spirit of God can dwell.

It took us a month (January) to get into the swing of things but our goal for February is: Be Intentional. This month, we are working on doing even the most menial tasks with purpose. We are asking questions like this:

“Why am I washing these dishes?”

Because I want to live in a clean house.

I’ve been trying to rephrase my thinking when Arthur is upset or throwing a tantrum. Instead of mentally whining, “This is so unfair. Just stop!,” I’m trying to have a little more patience and remember that he is learning and I have the eternally important job of being his teacher, which is a role I cherish.

I am so excited to set and accomplish goals as a family this year! I think it will really help us become the family we want to be and help me become a happier and more fulfilled mother and wife.


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