Goodbye Provo

A couple of weeks ago, we moved out of our apartment in Provo and into my parents basement in Salt Lake. 

As I packed our lives into brown boxes, I thought a lot about the past two and a half years. 

In Provo, I met Devon. We got married and moved into our first apartment, a tiny closet where we started to learn about marriage and keeping a home. We’ve welcomed two beautiful babies into our family in Provo. In Provo, I became a mother. 

Here is what I am going to miss about Provo:

  • Sunsets reflecting onto the mountains and turning them pink
  • Community of young families and students
  • Great restaurants 
  • Library storytime!
  • Walking to more than five different parks
  • Walking to church
  • Provo summer
  • Proximity to BYU (museums, etc)

That is not even close to everything. I am so grateful for the time we could spend in Provo and I hope we can make it back. 

In the meantime, adventure awaits…


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