Arthur, right now.

In the past six weeks, my baby boy has become a big brother. He leans over Lucy and exclaims, “Hello baby!” He excitedly finds her toes and giggles, “tickle tickle tickle.” When she cries, he assures me that all she needs is her pacifier with a scrunched-up-face nod.

Holding hands with baby.
My little boy loves “ou-sise” (outside) and is always running to the door to escape. He knows that he needs his shoes on to go outside, so he always asks me to help him put on his “new sandals.” Our walks around the yard or on the trail find his hands filled with rocks and his face filled with smiles.

His words keep coming, often repeated as he tastes the sounds and molds his mouth trying to imitate what he hears. Each word is punctuated. “Yayo. too!” (Love you too). “saso. mouf” (cereal. mouth). “gampa. car” (grandpa’s car).

He loves songs and once we finish a song he commands, “more song!”.. Right now, his favorite is “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam”, which he calls “Sun beep.” Arthur has an ear for music and loves to boogie. He will dance by himself or in my arms.

His latest feat is jumping. Finally, he is coordinated enough to leave the ground. “Dump! Dump!” he yells as he jumps off the ground and any other surface, regardless of height.

“Glasses. Dado.”
And yet, he is still my baby. “Hold you!” he cries, with arms upstretched. “Mama hold you!” he cries and snuggles into my shoulder. And as I hold his quickly-growing body against mine, I realize that time goes quick. It seems like I was just nursing him and cradling him and waiting for his mouth to crack into its first smile. So now, instead of my tiny happy baby, he is my slightly-less-tiny joyful toddler. Thank you little boy, for choosing me to be your mommy.


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