Bear Lake Vacation

We just came back from our very first family vacation. We spent the weekend at my great grandfather’s cabin on Bear Lake. It was beautiful and peaceful and relaxing–which is surprising because we were there with our two babies under two! We spent our days in the pool and on the beach and after the babies went to sleep, we played games and read books. 

Our first time out to the beach was quite an adventure. Devon and Arthur went down first and Lucy and I were going to catch up with them, but when we got down there we saw this:

The way the beach is by the cabin, there is a pool of water that forms between the rocks at the beginning of the beach and the sandbar. Usually the pool is shallow and short but this time because it is early in the season, the pool was at least 200 yards long and at its deepest, reached my waist! When I saw how dep it came on Devon, I decided to walk around the pool (which ended up taking 15 minutes). When Lucy and I finally caught up to Devon and Arthur, they were playing happily on the beach with Arthur’s “big truck.” 

But dark clouds were closing in from all sides it seemed and just as we were about to head back, the wind kicked up and blew arthur over into the water. And sand flew up into our faces (Lucy was protected by the sling). Devon snatched Arthur out of the water and we ran back to the cabin. It was crazy! And I definitely went into mama bear mode. ;) 
Over all, it was a spectacular vacation and great memories for our little family!


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