I have an ambitious goal for the summer. Here it is:

I am not going to buy a single article of clothing for my children.

How, you might ask, are you going to accomplish that, with two small children that outgrow sizes in a matter of weeks?

My plan is to sew all the articles of clothing that my children need this summer (except shoes and maybe swimsuits, those would be a little too ambitious for me).

Why such a lofty goal?

I have a number of reasons.

First, I want to work on my sewing skills and what better way than by sewing. . . a lot.

Second, it saves money. I have a bunch of used clothing stored up to use as free fabric and my mom has a bunch of fabric that she is looking to get rid of, so essentially, the clothing I make won’t cost us anything. Although I anticipate needing to buy things like elastic and other notions.

I’ve been working in this goal for about a month now and it’s been going great! I’ve even made a few things for myself. None of it is perfect but I’m learning a lot and having a lot of fun :)

So, here are a few of the things I’ve completed in the past month or so:


Shorts for Arthur from a chambray Ralph Lauren sheet I found at Deseret Industries.
sweatshirt made from one of my cast-offs. The sweatshirt was stained so I turned it inside out.
backside of some leggings for Lucy.
fancy seam on Arthur’s shorts
Front sode of leggings for Lucy
And a sweet little Lucy dress.


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