living small: baby gear to (not) have

While the decision of what things to buy for your baby is completely personal and entirely depends on the circumstances of your particular life, I do believe that there are more products marketed than you actually need to have in your house in order to raise your baby.

As I’ve fought the desire to buy more baby gear in conjunction with Lucy’s birth, I’ve found myself asking the question, “How many baby-holders do I need?” When it comes down to it, the purpose of much of the advertised baby gear is to hold and/or entertain your baby. And what we learned with Arthur was that babies don’t require much to be entertained. IMG_2332

When Arthur was born, we did not have a bumbo, a swing, a bouncer, a baby gym, a jumper, a baby moniter, or any toys that were bigger than a breadbox. We just couldn’t afford them. We did have some gifted and hand-me-down toys and most of the time, Arthur played and laid right on the floor. As far as big purchases, we had a stroller, an ergonomic baby carrier, a pack ‘n play, a high chair, and a carseat (an older model of this). And that worked great for us.


IMG_2210Overall, my philosophy has been to ask the hard question, “Do we need it?” very seriously. We’ve diligently looked for deals and strove to buy simple, quality things with the idea that they will last through our child-rearing years. My goal has been to not let baby stuff overwhelm our small living space.  and so far we have been (mostly) successful.


One Reply to “living small: baby gear to (not) have”

  1. Such a great question. And important to ask yourself throughout your kids lives. Our playroom has more toys than a preschool. A small toy here and there over even three years end up as way too many toys.

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