the “do it self” dilemma

IMG_2828The phrase I hear most often out of Arthur’s mouth is “do it self!”. Whether it’s climbing into his high chair or carseat or putting on his clothes or opening a door, it’s always “do it self!”. I’d say he is a typical two-year-old.

It’s easy for me to get frustrated, and I often do, but if I take a minute to decide how I will respond to his little-boy assertions of independence, I usually step back and let him do whatever he wanted to do by himself. And surprisingly, it works out. He either does what he was trying to do, albeit slower than I’d like, or he tries and realizes he can’t do it alone and chirps, “help you mama!”. IMG_2810

So, I’m trying to get less frustrated and to remember that it’s better for him to have little victories of independence rather than big protest tantrums. We are just learning. He’s learning how the world works and I’m learning how to be a mama.


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