Surplus and Salvage


Saturday was a get-things-done kind of day. We wrote lists and planned around naps and got to work. The first thing on our list was Surplus and Salvage. As I had been perusing the internet trying to find the best deals on furniture, I stumbled across their website. It looked perfect: a huge warehouse selling used home goods at ridiculously low prices. Yes. Count. Me. In.

So we loaded up the kids and wound through Lafayette to the warehouse. It was old and huge and right next to the train tracks. It reminded me of an estate sale I went to with my mom and sister years ago. It smelled musty and had uneven floors. In some places the walls were so thin and covered with particle board that light shone through and when the train roared by, the whole room shook.

We saw beautiful wooden bunk beds for under $200 and pianos and baby gear from the 1950s. It was thrift shopping in all its gritty glory. And that is one of my favorite things about thrifting: the adventure. Half the fun is the experience and the other half is what you walk away with.


We found some wooden folding chairs for our dining room and a sturdy bookshelf.

Friends from Lafayette, you’ve really got to check this out. (Friends from elsewhere, explore your city! See what you can find by way of thrift shops. It’s always an adventure!)


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