On An Adventure: Chicago


How was your Labor Day? I hope it was filled with family and food and maybe an adventure or just some good house cleaning.

On Labor Day, we ventured to Chicago! It was beautiful and new and exhausting, like any adventure should be. We got up early (because when do you not when you have kids ;) ) and rolled out around 9:00am. The drive was beauiful. The first half-hour was through the Indiana countryside past quaint little farms and cornfields, then we got on the 65 and headed north.

Driving through Chicago was also beautiful. It just looked old–older than anyplace I’ve lived. Where we drove, there were a lot of narrow and tall brick apartments and homes that were beautifully made, but many of which were in disrepair.


We used the ParkWhiz app to book our parking spot the night before and it totally eliminated any parking stress. So slick! I would highly recommend it. The app allows you to compare parking prices and book a spot before you go somewhere (mostly big cities, I gather).

Our spot was just a couple blocks from Millennium Park. We walked over to Buckingham Fountain and then north through the park.


On our way to Cloud Gate, we stumbled upon Maggie Daley park. It was a huge playground with many different play areas for different ages of children. It was incredible! And of course, Arthur only wanted to swing. :)

Cloud Gate was fascinating. We marveled at its fluidity. No seams! How did they build it?!



We then detoured for Chicago-style hot dogs.

And before we went home, we stopped by Crown Fountain, which was Arthur’s favorite part, I think.


Overall, our trip was magical. It was empowering and exciting to plan our own little family excursion. I’m excited to do some more exploring while we live here!



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