One Month in Indiana

 Yesterday, we went on a Sunday drive. We drove north, out of the city and into cornfields. The corn is all golden now and it surges along the straight country roads, ebbing and flowing with little dips and hills. As we passed one field, we thought we saw golden birds circling. As we got closer we realized the whirling objects were corn husks, swirling in a little dust devil, hovering over the field (a corn devil?). When we got further out, windmills cropped up, busting through the fields. They are whirling, white beacons and impossibly tall. It seemed like the sky and the fields stretched on forever in duality.


As we drove, I remembered that we’ve been in Indiana for just over a month now. My first month away from Utah. I miss my dry desert home, but Indiana has been better than I expected. The weather is mostly sunny most of the time. Though we’ve had a couple of huge earth-shaking storms, which were exciting. Everything is green. Lots of trees and lots of corn/soy fields. We love our apartment and neighborhood. We’ve been finding all the fun parks and developing new routines, unpacking boxes and hanging pictures.


My favorite part about our location is it’s proximity to the Celery Bog Nature Area. It’s big and beautiful and wild with paved and dirt paths snaking through. The kids and I run over there two to three times a week and explore together. Devon is settling in to his new academic situation and is more productive and efficient than ever.

After the whirlwind that was moving and upacking and organizing, I thing things are just beginning to settle.   IMG_3099


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