On an Adventure: Exporation Acres

This weekend we went to our very first Indiana Corn Maze! Exploration Acres was a blast! When we got there, Arthur and his friends played in a corn box (like a sandbox but with corn). If we let him, he probably would have played there happily all morning, but there was more to explore!



They also tried to ride some trikes (with dad’s help) and climbed through a giant hay tunnel. Though, Arthur was not interested in the tunnel. In fact, when I suggested he try climbing in, he ran in the opposite direction (toward a tractor). He may or may not have inherited his mother’s claustrophobia. ;)

Devon is shooting from inside the hay tunnel. That little red thing in the background is Arthur running away…

When the rest of our group came, we hopped up on a wagon pulled by a tractor to get to the corn maze. Arthur kept talking about the “little guy” who was driving the tractor and sitting on a “bouncy seat”. After we disembarked, we borrowed a free wagon for the toddlers (best. idea. ever.) We spent the next hour or two wandering through the corn maze earning coupon punches and trying not to lose toddlers. The corn maze was simultaneously perfect for toddlers and the worst thing. It would be such a nightmare to turn around and realize your two-year-old had run off into the seven-foot-tall and eight-mile-long maze of corn!

Lucy mostly slept through the endeavor, which was awesome.

Thank goodness for tall strong daddies!
Three toddlers in a wagon. The cutest.

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