Six Months

One of the precious gifts of parenthood for me has been to have an intimate understanding of my children’s personalities. As a parent, you get to feel the glow of individuality in your newborn that develops in complexity as they grow. When Lucy was first born, she had an overwhelmingly calm spirit about her. And in these first six months of her life, that has definitely proved true.


Lucy is sweet and easy-going. She rarely cries and when she does, her cry is so sweet that sometimes I just hold her and listen for a minute, surprised that a cry could express more mild discomfort than urgency.

Lucy is happy and social. She loves her big brother and laughs hysterically when he does anything silly or when he laughs. She’s also a thinker. Though she does a lot of watching, you can tell that the wheels are turning.

She is strong and a mover. She has incredible ab power and is queen of the “superman” move. She rolls across the floor and pivots to get to where she wants to go with ease. She hardly needs to crawl to get where she wants to be. And yet, she has spent a lot of time recently up on her knees rocking back and forth, practicing. She really could start crawling anytime. . .

Though skeptical at first, she is getting accustomed to solid foods. Her favorite foods right now are squash and multigrain cereal. (Although she adores grapes and almost any fruit, of course.) She’s always been a good eater and it looks likely that will continue.

Some of her current nicknames are: Lucy goosey, Luce, Herculucy, You-sees (what Arthur called her before he could say her name), You-cy (what he calls her now), and Tiny (which is totally ironic, because she’s huge).


Lucy Lu, we love having you in our family! Happy six months sweet girl!


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