The Mouth of Babes: Arthur


Some things Arthur has said recently:

Me: “Arthur, hold my hand.”

Arthur: “No cars on grass mommy?!” (Because holding hands is only for safety.)

“I’m running with ‘curls!” (*squirrels)


About chocolate chip muffins: “I looove treats in muffins!”

“I cried for sixteen hours!”

Devon: “What do you want to ask Heavenly Father for?”

Arthur: “…pants?”

“Can we go into the closet Emily? Let’s go!”


“Kitty pick-up!” (*giddy-up)

“I love my baby girl, also mama.” (baby girl= Lucy)

On quarters: “Lucy might put them in her mouth and eat them and Lucy would be sad and sick.”


“I’m scared because clouds are hitting.”


“Mommy, is something wrong?” (Arthur has become very aware of feelings lately and says this whenever he can tell that I’m tired or sad or frustrated.)

On safety: “Stay in the car. Here’s a toy to keep you safe.”

On ouchies: “If you have an ouchie, you have to give the blanket a hug.”

Me: “What do lions eat for dinner?”

Arthur: “Soup.”


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