Living Small: Laundry-Nap

Doing laundry might be my current least favorite household chore. It’s not so much about the process, but the logistics. Every week I we sort piles of dirty laundry into bags, gather up detergent and dryer sheets and quarters and a picnic dinner and various items to keep children entertained and we haul off to the laundromat.

Once we get there, things usually go well. Children are usually well-behaved and the whole process is shorter than I expect. We are getting pretty efficient.

Hopefully¬†someday, somehow we will have our own washer and dryer and I will look back on our laundromat days and ask how we ever did it. But for now, we are doing it and it’s working out okay.

Arthur calls the laundromat the “Laundry-Nap.” Once, he even napped there. ;)




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