A Really Big Blessing

I have to tell you about a really big blessing. A blessing directly from God to me. A blessing so big and miraculous in my little life that my heart is overflowing.

But first. The background.

Recently, I’ve realized that I will have much more joy and order in my life if I wake up early and start my day with exercise and scripture study. I know these are good ideas in general, but I’ve also been having little nudges from the spirit that this is a good idea for me.

A good idea but a really really hard one. When my kids don’t sleep through the night, mornings are so hard for me. It usually takes me a couple hours to warm up to the idea of being awake and stop being so grumpy, so getting up extra early didn’t sound good.

Additionally, after being inspired by a friend’s example, I’ve committed to reading the entire standard works (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) this year.

I set my alarm. but lo and behold. . . my kids have been waking up before my alarm. I have fought to stay on track with scripture study and tried to fit in some exercise anyway, but it’s been haard. Not to mention the stress I’ve been feeling about the sporadic and unpredictable (sometimes nonexistent) naps of my two children.

Finally in a prayer a few nights ago, I acknowledged to Heavenly Father that I can’t do it alone. That I have these righteous desires that I cannot bring to fruition on my own.

Then this big blessing: Both of my children have taken naps at the same time in the same room for two days in a row, giving me an hour and a half of alone time.

Even typing this out. I can’t believe it. Truly a miracle. So yesterday and today, I was able to exercise in addition to reading scriptures in the morning. I feel so blessed. Maybe it sounds small, but for me it is day-changing. I have been able to re-fuel and re-center my life on what is important.

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is actively helping me reach my divine potential. God loves us. He really does. We can have his help to accomplish righteous goals if we earnestly and vulnerably ask him for it.


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