Spring Break Road-trippin’

One of the first things that I did when we found out that Devon got in to Purdue was google to see how far it was from where his sister lives in Arkansas: nine hours. It didn’t seem that far initially, but after the looong drive from Utah to Indiana, I was hesitant to get back in the car again. But we really wanted to spend time with family, so we worked out a trip over spring break.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

Being with Aaron and Lauresa and their little girls was incredible, but we knew that it would be :) But the car ride was great too! Arthur and Lucy were troopers and I miraculously packed enough snacks to get us there (and Lauresa helped us with food on the way back.) The kids were entertained by looking out the window or chatting with us or reading books/playing with toys. They napped well in the car and were generally a delight.

The fun only multiplied when we got there. Aaron and Lauresa showed us around their town and planned an awesome itinerary for us. We loved every minute, especially watching our kids play with their adorable cousins!



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