Baby girl turns one.

IMG_1586My sweet Lucy turned one! (last month) So much has happened since she entered our lives a year ago. We’ve moved twice (one of which was across the country); I’ve learned a lot about motherhood and myself; Arthur is potty trained and a total chatterbox; Devon is finishing up his first year of his Ph.D.

Lucy is such a little light. She has always been a happy and calm little baby. In the past month or so, she has become quite the little ham. She loves to make silly scrunchy faces and pretend-glare. She has a great little sense of humor.  She’s a climber and a hugger and a cuddler. She loves to get dirty and she puts everything in her mouth (and EATS it!).

We celebrated with a little Skype birthday party with our relatives in Utah. Lucy got her own cake to smash and eat. She ate a little bit and then enjoyed playing with it. IMG_5148 IMG_5154

We love our sweet girl and we loooove having her in our family! Happy Birthday baby girl!

IMG_2076IMG_2108IMG_2157IMG_1130 IMG_1488 IMG_1492IMG_1639


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