Making Room

I love Mother’s Day. This whole week I’ve been enjoying the chance to think about my mother and mother-in-law and grandmothers and all of the women I look up to. I love this chance to appreciate them.

This week a friend reminded me of this talk from General Conference. As I listened to it again, I realized why motherhood and women are so important. The talk also provided clarity and context for me in my purpose as a mother.

In the talk, Neill F. Marriott says,

Mothers literally make room in their bodies to nurture an unborn baby—and hopefully a place in their hearts as they raise them—but nurturing is not limited to bearing children. Eve was called a “mother” before she had children. I believe that “to mother” means “to give life.” Think of the many ways you give life. It could mean giving emotional life to the hopeless or spiritual life to the doubter. With the help of the Holy Ghost, we can create an emotionally healing place for the discriminated against, the rejected, and the stranger. In these tender yet powerful ways, we build the kingdom of God. Sisters, all of us came to earth with these life-giving, nurturing, maternal gifts because that is God’s plan.

I love the idea that motherhood is making room for others in our lives. I don’t think “mothering” is an action that just describes women and their children, though I am grateful for that definition. All women can mother. We can all make room in our lives to share love and support to the people around us.

Thank you to all of the women who nurture, whether they realize it or not. Thank you for loving and serving and continually expanding your spheres of influence. Thank you for teaching me about love and empathy and creativity. Thank you above all for leading by example.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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