Living Small: Just wait

Living Small is a series about living well in a small budget, a small apartment, and a smaller environmental footprint. 

IMG_0589I like to get things done. I like checking things off my to do list–as quickly as possible. Mostly, this is a positive characteristic, but not when I *need* to purchase something.

My first instinct is to figure out what I need to buy and buy it and be done, but that is not always (or ever?) the most frugal or smart way to make purchases. For the past several months, I have been acutely aware that we needed more/better dining room chairs. We were using some wooden folding chairs that we’d found for five dollars and a couple of hand-me-down chairs from my parents. It worked well, until one of our chairs broke and we had barely enough chairs for the number of people in our family and one of them was on its last legs. I was itching to solve this problem. I searched the internet, went to thrift stores and tried to set deadlines for when I wanted this problem to be solved.

None of it worked. I couldn’t find something soon that was inexpensive and something I would want to have in my home. So I got more comfortable with waiting. I got used to the idea that we might not get new chairs for a while. Instead of panicking that we didn’t have enough chairs at the dining room table, we just relocated big dinners to the couch.

IMG_0588Then just a couple of weeks ago, I got a text from a friend about some free chairs on craigslist. And I picked up four of them and I love them.

Here’s to amazing friends, old wooden chairs, and learning how to wait.


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