Do you need help?

I gave a lesson on honesty in church yesterday. We were discussing ways to be strictly honest. Not just honest in the big things, but also honest in the simple little things. The class was giving examples of how to be more honest. We talked about keeping your word, and being honest about your opinions and feelings and then there was a comment that really stood out to me. One woman added that we should be honest about when we need help.

I didn’t realize that not allowing someone to help you when you need it could be dishonest. But, when someone asks if they can help whether it is helping to watch our children for a while or bring dinner or wash our dishes, we need to be honest when we respond.

Do you need help? Are you being honest with yourself? Are you being honest with others, especially those that love you?

These are some things I’ve been thinking about this Monday morning.

As we strive for achievement and success, so much of our time is consumed in thought and study of the complex that we seldom take time for the simple–the simple things, the little things that are in reality the basis upon which we build and without which a strong foundation cannot exist.

Howard W. Hunter.


2 Replies to “Do you need help?”

  1. Glad I saw your post about this, Phoebe. I guess there was a reason I needed to share that thought. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I needed anything lately, so it was on my mind. :) You did a great job teaching!

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