To Make: Yogurt

img_0968Ahh yogurt. I’ve been making it myself for about a year and oh. my. goodness. it is amazing. It’s very creamy and much sweeter than the store variety. Lately I’ve been eating it with chocolate chips or fruit or granola or (this morning) a combination of all three. Arthur likes his with honey. Here are some instructions so that you can make the magic happen in your own kitchen.


1 gallon whole milk (lower fat types work okay, but whole milk works the best. also this. )

1/2 cup good quality plain yogurt (or starter from a nice friend)

big pot with a lid


candy thermometer

Pour the milk into your big pot and heat to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to kill any bacteria that might be in the milk.
When the milk is almost heated, fill your sink with cold water. Throw some ice cubes in for good measure.
Then when the milk is hot enough, put the pot in the sink to cool it down to 100 degrees.
Stir in the yogurt/starter. Then cover the pot and wrap it in a big towel and put it in a warm oven (preheat for about a minute and then turn off before putting the yogurt in) for about 5 hours. I do the process in the morning and then the yogurt is done before dinner.img_0980
When the yogurt is done it will look solid and it will taste good.
After it’s done, you can put it in jars to store or strain it to make it greek yogurt. I always strain mine and save the whey (what you strain out) to use in place of water in bread recipes. You can also blend the whey in smoothies for extra protein. (Never tried it, but I’ve heard it done.)
Enjoy your yogurt!




2 Replies to “To Make: Yogurt”

    1. yay! I’ve never really timed it. It can take a long time (like hours). Usually I just let it drain until it’s as thick as I like.

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