To mothers:

On days when I am overwhelmed by the enormous task that is motherhood, I often look for validation, support, encouragement. Over the past few years, I’ve collected some bits and pieces of encouragement from scriptures and talks that I want to share with you in a series of posts in hopes that they can give you some comfort on your rough days too. 

img_2001“Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you o, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones.”

“In the name of the Lord, you are magnificent. You are doing terrifically well. The very fact that you have been given such a responsibility is everlasting evidence of the trust your Father in Heaven has in you.”

“Yours is the work of salvation, and therefore, you will be magnified, compensated, made more than you are and better than you have ever been as you try to make honest effort, however feeble you may sometimes feel that to be.”

Jeffrey R. Holland


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