Musings on Pregnancy #3

IMG_7104I find myself constantly surprised and amazed. I can’t believe I’m about to have our third child. How are we here already? A third child feels like commitment. Both feet in. All hands on deck. I am alternately thrilled and scared about what our lives will be like in May.

This pregnancy has been similar and different to my other two. I had morning sickness for longer than with Arthur, but shorter than with Lucy. We were as sure as we could be that this baby was a boy, before we officially found out. We were pretty sure about Arthur and Lucy as well.

This pregnancy has been different because time has sped by. With two active and (dare I say) needy little kids, I haven’t had much time to be “expectant.” During the other two, but especially with Lucy, I waited and wished my pregnancy away. I over-researched every aspect of birth and newborn-ness. I thought and thought and over-analyzed each part. This time I sometimes even forget I’m pregnant. It’s not that I don’t feel pregnant (though exercise has helped me feel less achy and creaky), it’s more that I don’t have as much time to dwell on it.

I don’t know what being a mom of three will look like for me. I’ve heard it’s the hardest transition. I’ve heard it’s easier because the older two kids play together. I can see what having three kids looks like for other people, but I won’t know until around the end of April what it will be like for me.


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