Optimism and Being Overdue

belly.jpgLately, I’ve spent too much energy on negativity–too much time with discouragement. Intellectually, I know that this baby will come at the right time, but I’ve been stuck in a rut of whining. It’s time for some positivity.

After all, here I am at the end of a healthy pregnancy (my third!), with a healthy and strong body. My body is making progress toward labor, just slowly. I am still sleeping relatively well. There is so much to be grateful for.

Reasons why being overdue could be a good thing: 

Maybe this baby will be bigger and thus sleep better at night.

Maybe labor will be faster because this first part has been so gradual.

Maybe I’ll learn to be more patient.

Maybe this timing will be really good for the people who have offered to help us, the people who will watch our kids, for Devon.

Maybe there are people the Lord wants me to help before my ability to help others will be more limited.

Maybe my kids need more time to get ready for this big change.

Maybe this baby needs more time to grow before he’s ready to be on his own.


So we’re still waiting, but now trying harder to play the mental game of positivity. Any maybes I’m missing? Post your best positive thoughts below!


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