Greetings From Newbornland

IMG_2956Hello! He’s here! And we are deep in Newbornland with everything that implies: sweet soft baby skin, tiny baby snuggles, adorable older siblings, crying crying crying, diapers, what is sleep?, achy postpartum body, interrupted routines, nursing, meals from saintly friends, s-l-o-w life.

It’s been overwhelming. We have three kids. THREE KIDS! It feels like a lot, especially when they are all taking turns wailing like this morning when we were getting ready for church. But each time I start feeling like it’s just too much for me, I try to remember that we are adjusting. This phase is a transitional one and what we really need is grace and space to adjust–all of us.

So, we are taking this one day (one minute?) at a time, not counting the hours of sleep we did or didn’t get, and trying to focus on loving each other instead of being annoyed or overwhelmed. It’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress, progressing. IMG_2908IMG_2932



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