In The Past Eight Weeks. . .

William is two months old today! And what a two months it’s been. Here is a little taste of the past eight weeks in our family: IMG_2961

Muddy feet. And legs and hands and arms and faces. IMG_2991

Clean baby toes kicking. IMG_3006

Chocolate banana ice cream and other delicious meals from friends. (also, piggie tails!)IMG_3043

Sunday walks at dusk. IMG_3051

Baby in wrap. On repeat. IMG_3067

Grandpa! And Nana and Uncle Luke. IMG_3070

Riding a pedal bike for this big kid.


Hair in the face. Clips. That don’t stay in and then, cutting the bangs.


Playing with ice on days we don’t play with water. Hello Summer. IMG_3123

Chicken-sitting. Like cat-sitting but better. Hello delicious free-range eggs!IMG_3128IMG_3138

and an epic cardboard rocketship fort.


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