Last week, we found cicadas emerging from their exoskeletons. We’d seen the empty shells before, brittle and brown, still clinging to the tree bark. Each one split down the back and empty. But this time, we found them as they were bursting bright green through their shells. We watched as their wet wings unfurled. It … More Metamorphosis

Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty feels like a prickly thing–a spiny cactus. It feels threatening. Anticipation throws me into a spiral of what-ifs. In an attempt at control, I try to map each possible outcome, placing extra emphasis on the worst ones. It feels like grasping at the edge of a cliff, while rocks crumble between my fingertips. I have … More Embracing Uncertainty

To mothers:

I just came across this article again and I love the realness of Petrea Kelly’s perspective on motherhood. Here is a little taste, but really, you should read the whole thing. As mothers, our work is not washing diapers and mending holes in jeans—that is what we spend much of our time doing,but it is not our … More To mothers:

To mothers:

I’ve been reading this in bits and pieces. Marjorie Pay Hinckley was an incredible woman and mother. Here’s some mothering wisdom from her:   As I watched some of the young mothers come into this meeting with young children, restless from meetings that have preceded this one, I think I felt something of your frustration … More To mothers:

On Love and Valentines

If Valentine’s were only about romantic love, it would be a sad holiday indeed. After all, romantic love is so particular and unless you are married, so fleeting. If Valentine’s were only for kisses and romance, dates and roses, it would necessarily be full of pain, regret and loneliness. So today, instead of feeling those feelings … More On Love and Valentines