Today, I’m grateful for repentance. Never in my life have I felt like I need it more. Adjusting to mothering three small people has been difficult. Honestly, there are some days that things go smoothly and I feel happy and confident in this role and I am able to role with the punches (sometimes literal … More Mother-of-Three

We Wait.

Today is my due date. I am still pregnant. We are waiting. When I was pregnant with Arthur, I happily told everyone that I didn’t put much stock in due dates and preferred to think about having a due month (including the two weeks before and two weeks after). It was a good thought and … More We Wait.


I am a filled vessel, swelling and bulging at the seams. wading through deepening mud. Slowing down but working harder. July. Heavy with humidity and heat. Swimming through the air. a slug, slipping through my own skin. unfolding onto my bed. • • • I am a roller coaster, climbing to its apex. Unable to … More Expectant