I am a filled vessel, swelling and bulging at the seams. wading through deepening mud. Slowing down but working harder. July. Heavy with humidity and heat. Swimming through the air. a slug, slipping through my own skin. unfolding onto my bed. • • • I am a roller coaster, climbing to its apex. Unable to … More Expectant

Arthur Wonders

Arthur is in a super exciting stage of wonder right now. His questions have become more probing and curious and hard-to-answer. Here are some things he’s been asking me lately: Why do plants die when it snows? Do slugs like rain? How do slugs move? What is butter made of? Why does butter not have … More Arthur Wonders

This Week: An Ode

To a chocolate cake with pink frosting to celebrate a certain two-year-old in our family.  To washing the sink, that turned into playing with cars in the sink.  To “look at this mommy!” and the discovery of slugs.  To more sunny warm days and peaceful sand exploration.  To friends to play piano and sing with.  … More This Week: An Ode

To mothers:

I just came across this article again and I love the realness of Petrea Kelly’s perspective on motherhood. Here is a little taste, but really, you should read the whole thing. As mothers, our work is not washing diapers and mending holes in jeans—that is what we spend much of our time doing,but it is not our … More To mothers: